United Transport & Heavy Equipment Corp (UTECORP), is one of the oldest leading Transportation Company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is a 100% Saudi owned company and has a history of over 44 years of successful contract works throughout Saudi Arabia.

UTECORP experience includes extensive works with Saudi Aramco, Ministry of Transport, Ma’aden, etc.

UTECORP has its own high standard workshops and a large fleet of transportation equipment (Powered and Non-Powered Type) such as:

  • 6 x 6, Truck Tractor
  • 6 x 4 Truck Tractor
  • 6 x 4, 10 Metric Ton Payload Wire Rack Truck with Hydraulic Crane & Tailgate
  • 4 x 2, 5 Metric Ton Payload Stake bed Truck with Hydraulic Crane & Tailgate
  • 4 x 2, 2 Metric Ton Payload Drop-Sided, Long-Wheel-Base Truck
  • 4 x 2, Truck Tractor
  • 6 x 6, Truck Tractor with winching system
  • 6 x 6, 15,000 Liter (3,963 U.S. Gallon) Fuel Tank Truck
  • 6 x 4, 10 Metric Ton Payload Wire Rack Truck with Hydraulic Crane
  • 4 x 2, 3 Metric Ton Payload Closed Van with Hydraulic Tailgate with A/C
  • 5500 Liter (1500 U.S. Gallon) Jet Fuel Tank Truck
  • 5500 Liter (1500 U.S. Gallon) Service Tank Truck
  • 12 Meters Flatbed Semi-Trailer
  • 12 Meters Flatbed Trailer with Wire Racks
  • 70 Metric Ton, Lowbed Trailer W/Hydraulically Folding Gooseneck, 14m Deck
  • 80 Metric Ton, Lowbed Trailer
  • 50 metric Tons Extendable Flatbed Trailer
  • 24,000 Liters (6,342 U.S. Gallon), On-Road Fuel Tank Semi-Trailer
  • 24,000 Liters (6,342 U.S. Gallon), Off-Road Fuel Tank Trailer
  • 22,700 Liters (6,000 U.S. Gallon), On/Off-Road Potable Water Tank Trailer
  • 19,000 Liters (5,020 U.S. Gallon), Brine Tank Semi-Trailer
  • 22,700-30,200 Liters (6,000-8,000 US Gal), On/Off-Road Raw Water Tank Trailer
  • 24,000 Liters (6,342 U.S. Gallon), On-Road Jet Fuel Tank Semi-Trailer

UTECORP offers a wide ranging transportation services of General Cargo as it maintains and operates a large fleet of tractor units and trailers.

Our Supervisors, Drivers and Staff, who maintains Safety, Health & Environmental awareness, have extensive experience in transporting General Cargo such as Pipes, Mud Sack, Boxes, Palletized Cargo, Jet Fuel, Water, Fuel, Tools, Equipment, etc. to various Saudi Aramco Facilities and Drilling Rigs in Saudi Arabia.

The facilities and capabilities mentioned above are available for deployment should you so desire them. We are capable and ready to provide our services anywhere in Saudi Arabia.