Our Services

We are General Contracting Company and have a long successful history of contract works throughout Saudi Arabia and are recognized as a leading Saudi Arabian Company in Road Construction, Road Maintenance, Airport Runways and Terminals, Causeway Construction, Earthmoving, Infrastructure works and Maintenance & Catering Services. Additionally, BIN AJINAH GROUP has its own Asphalt Plants, Concrete Batch Plants, Cement Block Plants and Rock Crushing Plants. All located in the Eastern province of Saudi Arabia.

Our experience also includes extensive works with Geophysical Service International and Aramco in the Rub Al Khali (Deep Desert Operations) in the Shaybah and Al Kidden Field area on Wellsites, access roads and exploration services.

We have our own workshops and a large fleet of vehicles, construction equipment and support equipment (in excess of 1500 vehicle and equipment units).

We also have a highly trained and capable multinational work force of Managers, Engineers, Technicians and a large labor pool available as well.

The facilities and capabilities mentioned above are available for deployment should you so desire them.

We are capable and ready to provide you our services anywhere in Saudi Arabia and in the GCC states.